About Flaunta Skincare

When YOU Love What You DO

When you love what you do in skincare, it's more than a routine – it's a dedication to nurturing and enhancing the skin's natural beauty. Every formulation becomes an expression of passion, combining science and nature to create transformative experiences. It's a commitment to radiant skin, self-love, and the belief that skincare is not just a regimen, but a celebration of individual beauty. With every product, we aspire to share the joy that comes from loving what we do, fostering healthy, radiant, and confident skin for all.


Mendelian Supplements Parent Company of Flaunta Skincare was founded by Eric Cavanary, a Biologist with over 15 years of professional expertise in FDA/USDA Regulatory Compliance, Quality Control, and Research & Development. Driven by a vision to deliver genuine products to consumers, Eric prioritizes effectiveness, quality, and safety while ensuring affordability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize skincare through science-based formulations that prioritize wellness, sustainability, and individuality. Committed to delivering high-performance products, we aim to enhance skin vitality, boost confidence, and encourage a holistic approach to self-care. By blending innovation with nature, we aspire to inspire a radiant, resilient, and confident global community

Our Philosophy

Science-backed: Emphasizing evidence-based solutions.
Empowerment: Enabling people to take charge of their health.
Quality and Innovation: Commitment to excellence and advancement. 

Health and Safety: Placing utmost importance on the safety and health of consumers by adhering to strict quality standards and regulations.

Visionary Skincare for Timeless Beauty

 Our vision is to redefine the future of skincare by seamlessly merging cutting-edge science with the purity of nature. Through constant innovation and a commitment to unrivaled quality, we envision a world where our skincare products empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty, fostering skin that radiates health, confidence, and timeless vitality. We aspire to be a beacon of excellence, setting new standards for transformative skincare experiences that stand the test of time